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(October 3, 2015 - October 9, 2015) This week on Lincoln Radio Journal: Eric Boehm has news headlines from; Lowman Henry has a Newsmaker interview with Adam Milsap from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University on the ineffectiveness of Pennsylvania's Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program; Joe Geiger has Sherri Landis of the Dream Partnership in the Community Benefit Spotlight; And, Beth Anne Mumford of Americans for Prosperity-PA has a Lincoln Radio Journal commentary on Governor Wolf's latest budget veto.

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(October 3, 2015 - October 9, 2015) This week on American Radio Journal: Lowman Henry talks with Steve Moore of FreedomWorks about the impact of Pope Francis' visit to the USA; Andy Roth of the Club for Growth has the Real Story on the race to replace resigning House Speaker John Boehner; Eric Boehm is joined by Rob Nikolewski for a Watchdog Radio Report on radical environmentalists' plans to have the feds investigate those who don't buy into global warming; And, Col. Frank Ryan, USMC (Ret.) has an American Radio Journal commentary on why raising income taxes won't narrow income inequality.

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Focus Group

Focus Group

Results of the Public Opinion Focus Group on Benefits that Work:
Addressing the Child Care Welfare Cliff

During the 2013-2014 legislative session, the Majority Policy Committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives created the Empowering Opportunities: Gateways-Out-of-Poverty initiative. This House Republican Caucus initiative recognizes that current efforts to address poverty are in need of revision and subsequently searches for opportunities to address barriers that entrap individuals in impoverished conditions and to replace them with outcome-based solutions.

The initiative is divided into five broad areas ... [View]

Recent Survey

2015 Fall Business Climate Survey

Malaise: Business Owners Turn Deeply

Governor Wolf posts 82% disapproval rating

Governor Tom Wolf, who owned and operated a mid-sized business before running for office, has become enormously unpopular with his former peers posting the second highest negative rating for a governor in the 20-year history of the [i]Keystone Business Climate Survey[ei]. The September poll of business owners and chief executive officers found 82% hold a negative view of the governor's job performance while 12% say he is doing a good job.

The governor's budget proposals lie at the heart of the business community's disapproval. Eight-one percent say the Wolf tax and spending plans would harm Pennsylvania's business climate, 64% say they would do significant harm. Further, Wolf gets the lion's share of the blame for ...

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